Game clan tournament social network facilitator.

Topfortylist.com lets users sign-up and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in gaming clans, and much more.

This website facilitates and is about game clan and aims to provide a social network for the best gaming community for all pc clan names.

All clans: bf3 clans, mw3 can register free. The tournament is to find out who is the best and to prove it Gaming tournaments for the the best clans in mw3, bf3 and more.

All top clans can after registration use all media and communications facilities for free and to find out who belongs to the top usa gaming community and on our top forty clan names.

We facilitate all xbox 36 clans, call of duty clans as long it is a game clan.

The community members can vote on everything such as good names for clans or the best mw3 clan name.

This is a open society and if any issue may arise it simply will be voted on.

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