Magical Black hairstyles and Hair colors

Natural black hairstyle with golden tones

You have black hair and would like to dye or to highlight them; we have some beautiful pictures of black hairstyles and the color possibilities. Or you’re blonde and ask yourself whether black hair would stand out even out more? The tips for black hair and the best styles for your hair.

Braided hairband and high bun for black hairstyles

Black hairstyle with bangs and side swept bun

Black Hair: Magical and wild Although all black hair is not the same but they have one thing in common they are at least as sexy as blonde hair, but in a much less obvious way. Black haired women look in contrast to blondes more mysterious than sweet and if correct styled can have a incredible wow effect.

Long curly hairstyle with burgundy tips

Black hair and the women who wear these hair colors have the reputation of being particularly wild and exotic, but also reserved and mysterious. The famous Josephine Baker showed this contradictory image as well as film legend Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most beautiful women of all time thanks to their charisma and black hairstyles.

Straight Long black hairstyle with burgundy bangs

Also, icons such as Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner and later model Helen Williams wore black hair and became absolute megastars. Today, celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry and Krysten Ritter enchant with their black hair and bring back a lot of retro glamor. And ofcourse beauties like Solange Knowles, Freida Pinto and Salma Hayek, who shine with their naturally black hair.

Natural curls with auburn hair colors

Whether pure natural or dyed: We show you the most beautiful Black hairstyles and Hair colors styles and show you what ideas you can easily implement at home. Because black hair reflects more light than other hair colors, they can really shine but only with proper care!

Natural curly dark red brown hair colors

Dark auburn and deep red beehive updo

Meanwhile, there are entire hair care lines that are tailored to the needs of the different black hairstyles and structures. You should also, keep in mind that split-ends and dry hair immediately draw attention and you regularly see a hairdresser. Beautiful hair colors who match a black hair are the purples, burgundy’s, deep reds or golden tones and caramel colors.

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