Perfect Hairstyles for Thin Hair

It’s no secret women dream of having thick, lustrous hair that blows gracefully in the wind. But if you’re suffering from locks lacking luster, achieving a full and beautiful look can be difficult. When it comes to thin hair, choosing the right cut is imperative. Check out these gorgeous perfect hairstyles for thin hair and enjoy a fuller, beautiful look that radiates.



Look 1: Cute Bob

A cute bob is the ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair. Whether you opt for a longer bob falling close to the shoulders or a shorter cut near the face, the key is to keep a full cut with no layering. Finish the style off with a stylish deep side part and a few wispy bangs and you will enjoy a much thicker appearance that holds plenty of femininity and chicness.


Look 2: Stylish Pixie 

Aside from pixie cuts being one of the hottest hairstyles of 2014, they are just downright flexible and fun. They also happen to be one of the perfect cuts for women with thin and fine hair. With pixies, you have the flexibility to be as subtle or as creative as you wish- the possibilities are endless, but one of the most popular styles is the shaggy pixie with plenty of layers (yes, this is the only hairstyle for thin hair that allows for layers). The short layers give the hair plenty of volume and movement for an overall full look.


Look 3: Inverted Bob

Another hot pixie inspired bob cut leaves the hair longer in the front, shorter in the back. The style creates a lot of bulk in the hair, making even the finest locks appear thick and lustrous. This energetic style is edgy and fun, and the longer length in front really shapes the face for a breathtaking appearance.


Look 4: Medium Length with Curls

One great way to give thin, lifeless hair an lively boost? Curls, of course! A medium length cut with plenty of soft, romantic curls (even waves, if you’re not into curls) is a great way to bulk up your ‘do with plenty of style and flair. Not to mention this cute is downright adorable and will brighten up your face instantly. Femininity, cuteness, and bouncy, full locks- what more could you ask for?


Look to Avoid: Long with Layers

There is one look in particular that should avoided by a woman with thin hair at all costs: long with layers. The combination of thin hair and length just doesn’t work. The extra length makes the hair appear even thinner than it really is, and with the addition of layers, thinness is even more visible. If you want to rock a long style, think about adding a few extensions.



-You may want to look into styling products (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, mousse, gels) that aid in giving thin hair a thicker appearance. This can really help amplify your hair, especially if paired with one of the cuts mentioned above.

-Extensions are a great way to give the illusion of full, flowing hair. They are especially handy on special occasions when you want to give your hair a lengthy, full style.

-Try darker hair colors, as they won’t show off your thin strands as prominently as lighter shades. If you absolutely want lighter hair, try adding color variations to give the illusion of depth. For instance, blend really light blonde pieces with sandy blonde throughout your hair instead of doing one solid color.

-After showering, blow dry your hair with your head upside down. Continue until hair is completely dry for a splash of volume.


Image credit: Luna, Em, Short Haircuts, Danique, Louise, Seabrooke Mooney, ZummyDelReal, Valerie Picott

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