Hairstyles with Head scarfs and bandanas

Head scarf used as hair accessory

Hairstyles with Head scarfs and bandanas gives you the stylish look and is a perfect accessory for an up do that desperately need some shampoo. Scarves can be inexpensive to add to your wardrobe you can also go for a small sarong (the mini skirt version) to tie your hair at H&M the prices about $13. Sarongs and headscarf’s come in many shapes, patterns, and materials.

Model on the catwalk with zebra print headscarf and matching bikini

Head scarfs and bandanas are a handy accessory for your summer hairstyle. But keep it stylish and don’t use the red farmer or factory polka dot scarf, go for the latest trends.

Model with headscarf as fashion  accessory

woman with headscarf

Catwalk model with bandana as a hair accessory

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