Hair color charts and hair colors 2013

Hair color charts and hair colors 2013 first it is important to choose if you want semi or permanent hair dye and which hair color will fit you. There are four main shades in which the hair colors are categorized; blonde, brown, red and black. Under these colors you have all kinds of different hues such as dark blonde, dark red or golden brown etc. Every hair color has their own unique properties and might work out differently. Some just might not work for you. Also there are a lot off brands offering endless colors, semi or permanent. We try to explain the different hair colors 2013.

Medium red hairstyle with blonde high lights

Blonde hair is a color that can fade easily, the most important for this color is to select a good shade that matches your skin tone. Blonde hair is still a very popular hair color by many women. There is an endless list and pictures of celebrities wearing blond hair, but also changing them over the years. Blonde hair color goes well with many skin tones. Blonde contrasts from the darker skin tones so mix darker shades with the blonde.

Black hair and black hair hairstyles do not fit everyone. Dark black can stand out more than all the others. Black hair is just plain and simple but can give an exotic, shiny, dark and mysterious look with black it is important to maintain it well and let it shine.

Red hair is the most difficult, it is hard to create the right red shade, but also if it isn’t grown naturally, then it’s truly complicated to become one if you choose for a natural look. It is a significant advantage for naturally grown red heads to have another red hair color. If the red color is done well, there could be a natural vibrancy. Red hair goes very well with medium and longhair lengths. If you have a pixie cut burgundy or dark red is an option depending on the shape of your face. This is most fitting with those who have an eccentric and want to appear different.

A textured hairstyle is popular among women in 2013. It belongs in the short hair category, and cut into three layers. The most suitable color for this hairstyle is ruby or violet. Hairstyles with a free layer are beautiful, but work with people with pointed cheeks. The most appropriate hairstyle color is copper or mocha for your long layer. In the end, we hope you have accomplished selecting the suitable hairstyle and hairstyle color for 2013. By using these tips, you should be successful. After all, a women’s look is everything.

Brown hair is the most versatile, because there are almost dozens of shades and seems to fit any skin tone. From light brown to golden brown, light auburn etc. there are so many shades available. All of these brown colors are often used as highlights or low lights.

Satin color chart Satin color chart

Milky way mixed color chart Milky way mixed color chart

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