How do I take care of my hair in summer?

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Summer sun, sweating, beach, pool and a hot summer dye, some good points on how do I take care of my hair in summer? all these factors have a major impact on our hair and need some extra care to keep our hair in good shape. To begin a good lifestyle and a healthy diet will keep your hair in a good condition the whole year through but in summer you will need some extra products or DIY hair masks to avoid that your hair feels like a rope. Use a mask or a conditioner before swimming.


The minerals and oxidizers are the biggest concerns for your hair in summer. For blondes, white and grey hair the chlorine in the pool can turn your hair into a green color. When your hair is already dry and porous your hair will turn green even quicker. There are some good shampoos that de-chlorinate as well as some home remedies such as Tomato juice, Baking Soda. Baking Soda contains Sodium bi carbonate which is an alkaline and will open up the hair cuticles and wash out the color.

a color wheel with the main colors
In the color wheel you see the color green pointing towards red, tomato juice, paste or soup will balance and take away the green color.


Sweating can build up salt on your scalp which will block the hair cuticles and can damage your hair, applying a conditioner before your exercise or any other activity that will make you sweat or save sunbathing. After wards rinse out the conditioner with warm, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and massage your scalp. The rinse out and use a conditioner.

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Seawater or salt water pools can also damaging your hair. Your hair contains approx.10% water. As salt is absorbing moisture from anywhere is will also absorb moisture from your hair. A protection of olive or coconut oils may prevent any damage. Apply coconut oil on washed damp hair; wrap it with a warm towel (put a damp towel in the Micro-wave and warm it up) leave the coconut oil in for at least 1 hour. Rinse out thoroughly.

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A good practical tip for all hair types, wearing a hat or cap, scarf or bandana will help for sure to protect your hair from Sun and water.

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