Caramel remains hot, but blonde hairstyles dominate the hair trend colors in 2014

Classic volume blonde updo

Bobs, Bangs, bobs with bangs, layered are trending in 2014. Hair color trends are experimental in 2014 wild but also very feminine! Caramel remains hot, but also the blonde hairstyles dominate the hair trend colors in 2014. We have collected some images of the most beautiful blonde hair colors and volume hairdos.

Curly volume bob with bangs

Blonde layered hairstyle with blonde ombre

But what to do if you don’t have thick hair? Many women suffer from thin or thinning hair, which makes the hair look flat and unhealthy during styling. There is a very simple method to give more volume to your hair and updos ; teased hair.

Blonde Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Beehive updo with french highlights

Teased refers to a particular variant of styling in which individual strands of hair and so become more voluminous. This is especially a popular technique for women who want more body and volume to the hair to specify the hairstyle.

Blonde ombre with vintage hairstyle

Teased hair was particularly popular in the eighties, but they made a comeback, since vintage hairstyles became a trend especially the young Brigitte Bardot blonde hairstyles, and of course Amy Winehouse and her trademark big beehive hairstyle.

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