Straight long Hairstyle

A Straight long hairstyle is a woman’s proud possession. There are a variety of hairstyles that can be done with long and thick hair. Straight hair can be styled in to curls, an up-do as well as worn the way they are. Because the hair and the hair texture could either be fine, medium or coarse. It is advisable that you ask your hair stylist about the hairstyle which will suit your hair texture.

Straight long Hairstyle:

If you have straight hair that feels rough, is dull, hard to style and want to give a smooth finish to your hair, you can go in for Straightening with the help of a straightening iron which are light in weight.

Doutzen Kroes with long straight hair

Make sure that your hair is completely dry and clean. Divide your hair into different sections. Take each section at a time and apply gel or styling mousse on the hair of a section. Press the straightening iron against the hair and move it slowly from the root to the end until one section is done. Comb your hair after each section is over. Repeat on all sections and you will have your shiny, smooth straight long hair style.

Long red straight hair

Straight long hairstyle Blow Dry Hairstyles:

You can also blow dry your hair straight, using a brush or a straightening brush and a blow dryer. Divide your hair again into different sections. Take one section at a time and spray a little water on your hair. You can also use straightening products. Start at the root and work you’re way down to the end.  If you want to do this at home you could ask the help of a friend because it is quite difficult to do this yourself. Take a brush in one hand and blow dryer in another. Move the blow dryer along with the brush from top to bottom till you achieve the straight look. Repeat the procedure on all sections.

Long blonde straight hair

Women Straight Permanent Straightening Hairstyles:

Permanent straightening is a good option for those having thick and healthy hair. Those having weak and thin hair should reconsider permanent straightening. Permanent Straightening is a treatment which can cost hours if you have long thick hair. After straightening your hair it is rinsed with a solution applied to the hair so that it remains permanently straight.

Picture before and after straightening hair

Straight long hairstyle look good depending on your hair texture, face features, and your lifestyle.

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