How to cut Kris Jenner haircut classic pixie cut shag

Kris Jenner Hairstyles and haircutsThe Kris Jenner classic pixie cut shag style is really a longer-version this classic pixie cut shag. The majority in the bulk within the style rests in the top and crown sections simply because this hair is layered using over-direction techniques to allow for lots of movement and bounce in the hair and to give some added versatility in overall styling. The shortest lengths reside down the lower fringe of the perimeter and the sides specifically are undercut as a way to allow the upper layers free movement. The classic pixie cut shag pictures shown will hopefully allow you to visualize the design to aim for as you cut the head of hair and make the layers. The top and crown sections can be simply shaped by over-directing the hair in the sections shown by the colored zones on the opposing oblique corner and cutting the hair at those points. This helps to ensure that the longest lengths will remain inside the top center of the head and enable the hair turnover, and bounce, and remain versatile about the styling.

The specific lengths you’ll use depend on the contour and proportions in the individual client’s face. However, once the basic shape is achieved, don’t forget to follow-up with texturing so that you can soften the perimeters and encourage the specific styling elements to be achieved. This can be done by using a razor tool, or by point cutting, but make sure to balance the texture on the overall length of the layers and make use of angles steep enough to let you create the Kris Jenner classic pixie cut shag.

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