The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

If you are on a mission to find the perfect hairstyle, there’s one important factor you need to keep in mind: your face shape. The perfect hairstyle will caress and accent your beautiful features while downplaying the less flattering attributes. To make sure you avoid a devastatingly mismatched appearance, find your face shape and try out one of these lovely hairstyles below.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Square faces of celebrities Olivia Wilde, Lucy Lu & Rihanna

Round Faces

Round faces have an innocent, and young look, but the wrong haircut can accentuate roundness. You want to offset the round shape by choosing a haircut that lengthens the face.

Looks to consider:

  • Runner-Up: Side Swept Bangs: While blunt bangs may make the face appear plumper, side swept bangs have a thinning effect on round face shapes.
  • Runner-Up: Middle Length with Volume: This style is a little tricky, but if done correctly can create a stunning look.
  • Winner: Long Hair with Minimal Layers: Undoubtedly the hottest style for round face shapes as the long length of hair gives the impression of a longer face.

Looks to avoid:

It’s best to avoid pixie cuts and shorter hair cuts which can give the face a rounder, more plump appearance.


Square Faces

Square faces require a haircut that downplays the prominent jawline, letting the elegance and sophistication of the face shape shine through.

Looks to consider:

  • Runner-up: Long with Asymmetrical Layers: This beautiful style promotes chicness and attitude while completely drawing attention away from the jawline.
  • Runner-up: Bob with Volume: A short bob cut with plenty of volume will enhance softness in your appearance, reducing the sharpness of the jaw structure.
  • Winner: Long with a Side Part: This is a huge hit amongst women with strong jawlines. The side part off-centers the face, taking the eyes off the jaw and focusing on the rest of the face.

Looks to avoid:

A strict ponytail (with all the hair pulled back tightly) should never be worn by a square-faced individual, and a pixie cut should be avoided also. Both pronounce the jawline significantly.


Oval Faces

The good thing about oval faces is the versatility when it comes to hairstyles. However, some looks can make an oval face appear long and should be avoided.

Looks to consider:

  • Runner-up: Adorable Bob: A bob with curls going inwards towards the body is an excellent option. Provides a very sweet and youthful look.
  • Runner-up: Long with Waves: If you prefer longer hair, than this look is for you. The waves provide a dashing appearance that is flirty and fun.
  • Winner: Edgy pixie: Just like you can get away with extremely long hair or a short bob, you can also style your hair with an edgy pixie. Try a blunt cut with wild layers or a super short cut buzzed close to the head.

Looks to avoid:

Lucky you! Oval faces can pull off almost any style. But some of the less flattering ones include shorter blunt cuts and hairstyles that add a lot of height and volume, as this can make the face appear long.


Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a very delicate look, but you want to choose a hairstyle that will focus less on the pointedness of the chin and more on the cheekbones. The good news is, just like oval face shapes most hairstyles are extremely flattering.

Look to consider:

  • Runner-up: Long with Side Bangs: This gorgeous look is perfect for heart-shaped faces as the long side bangs graze gently against the cheekbones, accenting them beautifully.
  • Runner-up: Choppy Bob: A bob that hangs just below your face and has plenty of mismatched, wild layers is an ideal hairstyle as it provides a more even appearance.
  • Winner: Short with Wispy Bangs: A short cut about shoulder length with a few wispy bangs is simply an adorable cut and looks perfect on a heart-shaped face.

Looks to avoid: 

Just like oval faces, a heart shape should avoid any type of hairstyle that adds height to the top of the head. This accentuates the forehead, leaving you with a top heavy look.


Image credit: Summer14, Dreamers Arise, JK, Lipz, Laura Kev.

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