Runway hair secrets

Runway hair secrets, at any fashion show you will see that every top hair dressers uses dry shampoo. Mostly we use dry shampoo to wait for one more day to shampoo our hair, but dry shampoo has some other hidden secrets it is namely a or the quickest styling product to get volume and texture into hair especially when it’s clean and flat. Some tips to make your hair look fabulous.

Model with Long hair and beehive

Dry shampoo is a spray with fine powder that absorbs the natural oils and soaking up the grease, the powder adds volume to flat. Clean hair looks fresh, pretty and shiny but it can look flat with no volume at the same time. If you want some extra volume spray some dry shampoo on your hair while putting your head upside down. Use your fingers as a comb. Instead of using a hair spray to finish each section, use a bit of dry shampoo on the lengths, it gives your hair more volume and a cooler look. An up do doesn’t have to be a struggle, using a bit of dry shampoo gives hair some grip so it’s easier to mold and work with.

Dry shampoo is an ultimate time saver, rather than washing hair use it on the roots and lengths, then tie your hair up while your shower, do your make-up etc. Blow dry and style your bang if needed, but otherwise just undo your hair and finger comb it through it’s an amazing trick to get extra volume. Dry shampoo when applied not correct can look dusty so never use it on the parting or round the hairline, but spray directly on roots. Leave it for a few seconds to absorb the oil, use a blow dryer to distribute the dry shampoo and use your fingers to ruffle up the roots.

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