Best hair colors for the winter

Every year trends change and that’s why we have the perfect winter hair colors for this 2013 winter season. Some months ago you were enjoying the sun together with your light, blond hair it did change the color of your hair and it is better to go with some darker tones for the reason that cold season has arrived. This is the right reason to change your hair color.

The perfect winter cool hair color ideas for 2013

Everybody sees that the hair is often a fashion statement which is why you have to pay a great deal of attention when you dye it. To achieve the perfect look you might want an ideal hair color which is why we have prepared for you some tips which will help you decide on a color:

The color of the skin

It is famous that the cold season goes well with dark tones, many experts have this view for a very long time. The reason for this can be women like to create romance and drama in the winter. Even so, you should take into consideration a number of elements before you purchase a color. One of the most important elements is the tone on the skin, you must decide whether it be cold or warm. Just look at the veins from a wrist to see what color is he, if they are blue you are cool or else you are warm.

The natural color of your skin

During winter you do not need to change hair color dramatically, the bottom line is to enhance the natural color with a few highlights.

These are the best colors for this winter:

Brunette: if you are a brunette then you are in luck because this dark color is obviously the trend during this winter. However, there are some things that you can do to be able to improve the color of your hair. For example for those who have a skin with warm tones you are able to choose a chocolate hair color

Blonde: if you happen to be a blonde then your task is a bit more difficult because the color of your hair is definitely associated with summer. You can create a winter look by remaining blonde but going having a golden or honey blonde highlights in it.

These are the best hair colors ideas for this winter 2013.

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