Hair like Cheryl Cole

Teases ponytail

In the fabulous world of hairstyling, Cheryl Cole is for me one of the favorites when it comes to the styles or hair colors. Hair like Cheryl Cole, teased Natural dark brown, golden brown, Mahogany or burgundy, Cheryl Cole has definitely a great hairstylist. One thing you will need to get a teased hairstyle is definitely a lot of hairspray.

Cheryl Cole medium teased hairstyle dark brown hair color

In hairstyles there are a variety of hairstyles: updos, plaited, braided, long, layered, bangs, bob hairstyles. However, the greatest choice is among the evening hairdos, wedding or red carpet hairdos, as you wish. Evening hairstyles are sometimes not only intricate artworks such as plaited hairstyles and updos, but also casual and cool styles like rockabilly hairstyles, Sleek Look or absolute classics such as the teased ponytail.

Cheryl Cole Brown hairstyle with reddish highlights

If you want an evening hairstyle like Cheryl Cole, you should know which outfit you want to wear. Evening hairstyles come to full fruition in fact only if they are in harmony with the whole look.
In other words: If you want to wear a delicate teased updo hairstyle, you should at least wear a dress, gown or other chic clothes. Have you decided on a casual or other styling, you have can choose one of the other hairstyles. Teased hairstyles fit also perfectly with a casual look.

Cheryl Cole classic teased updo

Is there anything better than to style your hair for a glamorous evening either New Year’s eve or just a night out? There is actually only a certain category of evening hairstyles that meet your request: updos or Braided updos. Among the updos which are differentiated between very ambitious and semi-ambitious. Colors, she uses a technique of clashing hues, Cheryl Cole is working with different shades. Choose soft colors, so you can dye your hair every six weeks. Coloring is done without any trouble or serious damage to your hair.

Cheryl Cole long brown hair with back swept bangs

Cheryl is wearing copper red top and golden brown underneath or dark brown with some lighter brown hair colors, which strikes more. Ask your stylist to bring the colors with a zigzag technique so you make sure the colors blend together.

Cheryl Cole long red brown curly hairstyle

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