New hairstyles inspired by the 1930s is the new trend

Jean Harlow platinum blonde hairstyle

Jean Harlow platinum blonde hairstyle

New hairstyles inspired by the 1930s is the new trend as the 1930s women’s hairstyles were less modeled, as compared to the shingle bobs and finger waves in the 1920s. Their crowns of the previous decade.remained slick, though the base of the hair was much more voluminous an optimal style to utilize with smaller hats. Curls were softer, longer and lived-in like “King Kong” damsel in distress Fay Wray.

Big screen films provided moments of escapism, but even Hollywood’s hairstylists weren’t immune to the hard times. Blonde bombshell Jean Harlow’s hairstylist Alfred Pagano resorted to desperate measures and used peroxide, ammonia, Clorox bleach and Lux laundry soap to master the actress’ platinum ‘do.

The 1930s could possibly be marked by turbulent times, but we’ll always bear in mind these ten screen sirens who took our breath away making use of their seemingly glamorous hairstyles.

Hairstyles Anita Page

Haircuts with hairstyles as Anita Page is knowing what you want

Hairstyles Barbara Stanwyck

Haircuts with Barbara Stanwyck hairstyles is pure adventure

Hairstyles Bette Davis

Haircuts with Hairstyles as Bette Davis is getting it when you want it

Hairstyles Fay Wray

Haircuts with hairstyles as Fay Wray is pure attention

Hairstyles Jean Harlow

Haircuts with Hairstyles as Jean Harlow is wild

Hairstyles Joan Crawford

Haircuts with Hairstyles as Joan Crawford is class

Hairstyles Marlene DIETRICH

Haircuts with hairstyles as Marlene Dietrich is style

Hairstyles Norma Shearer

Haircuts with hairstyles as Norma Shearer is very trendy

Hairstyles Thelma Todd

Haircuts with hairstyles as Thelma Todd are the new trend

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