Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles For All Types of Hair

Pin up hair styles are a great look that have a very vintage 40s/50s appeal that’s in vogue right now and that can help make any hair look more ‘fancy’ for a special event. It’s also surprisingly easy to do, so if you haven’t gotten the hang of more advanced look just yet then this can be a great place to start. Who doesn’t want to look classy and vintage with minimal time and effort?

Let’s get started with:

Vintage Pin Up Hairstyles – The Pomp

One of the best vintage looking haircuts that’s making a massive comeback (no, not comb-back…) at the moment is the pompadour. This is a haircut that looks great on guys, but the female version – the ‘pomp’ – looks just as good and is one of the best vintage pin up hairstyles.

vintage pinup pomp

Credit: Vintagious

First get some of your hair from the front about the width of your face and as far back as your crown. Back combing might make the next part easier. Keeping the triangle of hair held in one hand, pull it backwards, twist it once or twice, and then push it forward tucking it underneath itself. Then simply just clip it in place! That’s how easy the pomp is to perfect and it looks great – especially with some red lipstick and a 50s dress…

To take it one step further, take the sides of your hair, twist them and then attach them to the top of the head just behind the pompadour. This brings the sides in and thus emphasizes the pomp. A head scarf or bandana can also help to accentuate the look and is great for a range of vintage pin up hairstyles.

Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair – The Pomp Swirl

If you have long hair then the pomp swirl is also one of the best pin up styles and is arguably even more classic looking.

pinup pomp swirl

Credit: Vintagious

Back combing your hair will make life easier, then again you’re going to take a wide triangle of hair from the front and pull it taught. Now roll it backwards towards your hair into a barrel curl. Now pinch the tight curl and twist it slightly so that it points slightly to one side. Then pin it in place just the same and apply a little hairspray to make sure it stays where it should be. It should look slightly lop sided, but you can decide how much you want it to protrude.

This is one of the pin up hairstyles for long hair because you need enough hair to make a thick roll and then to bend it forward at one side.

Pin Up Hairstyles for Medium Hair – The Front Roll

The front roll is one of the all time great pin up styles for medium hair, though it works with longer hair too. What you’re going to do is to get the same long strip of hair as you have done with every other style so far, but this time you’re going to pull it forward in front of your face instead. That’s because you’re now going to roll it in the other way, bringing it over and under and rolling it in towards your forehead.

front roll pinup

As you do this, keep your fingers in the loop because you’re going to be creating a hollow roll almost as though you had a roller in it. Now, still keeping your index finger in, you’re going to fix in bobby pins to attach the roll at the front.

Styles revolving around this look are ideal pin up styles for medium hair because medium length will give you enough hair to create a decent roll, while at the same time your hair won’t be so long that the roll at the front becomes heavy and unwieldy.

You may find you still struggle though, so if that’s the case try taking a bun donut and cutting a piece out. You can then use this as a filler and roll your hair around that. This will make the hair at the front look even bigger and more buoyant and will hold it in place for the whole day.

Cute Pin Up Hairstyles – The Quick Rosie

Rosie the Riveter is an icon of the 40s and 50s and one of the images that made pin up hair styles so popular in the first place.

pinup quick rosie bandana

The ‘Quick Rosie’ is a great way to make any of your pin up fringe roll styles look even better and all you have to do is to pin your hair up at the back while using the front roll or pomp swirl etc. Use a fake French roll or roll your hair up at the back any other way you see fit. You could also use a pin curl or a messy bun and then just pin it in place. It doesn’t matter too much if it’s a little messy as you’ll be tying a bandana over the top anyway.

Short Pin Up Hair Styles – The Pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most popular short pin up hairstyles and is popular with women as well as men. It is very synonymous with rockabilly and like every other aspect of style from the era it’s currently enjoying a huge comeback.

pinup pompadour

Credit: The Freckled Fox

For these short pin up hair styles, you will need short hair at the side (or you can pin it back to flatten it) and just a little more length at the top. Use a front roll or pomp for your fringe and then clip it in place and then apply liberal amounts of hairspray to create an almost wet look. The idea is to make the sides look very short while the top will have a ton of volume in stark contrast to that. The artists Pink and Rihanna have both sported this look recently, so go and check them out to see how it’s done!

And there you go – a bunch of pin-up hairstyles for you to start playing with. Give it a go and you’re sure to fall in love with the vintage look!

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